Since the campus is branching out into many institutions, a sophisticated and resourceful library has turned essential. The project is that of a two storied building with four interconnected sections. The ground floor houses a reference section and a digital library equipped with 150 computers.The first floor is book stacks and reading halls.


'The craze for mastering English as a communicative language is part of the hardworking Malayali mindset. Expertise in other fields sans a sound command over the global language is not a feature much favourable in the ere of stiff competition. Mere bookish knowledge alone won't suffice. To take up this challenge of equipping our students with a fine language, we plan to set up a language lab soon. Once the lab is operational faculty members from other states are expected to be here with us to help our students


Despite the fact that most of our students are either orphans or from comparatively poor backgrounds we have already scored many laurels in sports and athletics. The in boarn mettle for physical activities and a unique sportsman spirite which is yet another heritage of Malappuram supported by dynamic team of faculty members ever agile on grounds, the campus has much to be prcud of. A stadium which meets national standards is a dream to be fulfilled, We have an expansive grounds is to be transformed into proper stadtium conductive for sports activities


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