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Pookkottur is a name inscribed in golden letters in the history of Malabar, the erstwhile district of British India. We, have a splendid history of stiff resistance against invasive cultures and trends keeping abreast the values and beliefs we cherish dear and divine. On the other hand we have a transcendent tradition of culture interaction as well. At a time when the rest of the nation was fast enhancing itself in all aspects the hapless kids here were lagging behind.

The foremost among the stumbling blocks on the tracks to prosperity was the near absence of centers of learning with an altruistic (philanthropic, humanitarian) touch. It was on realizing the need of the hour and the need of an intervention that the idea of a group of educational institutions serving the socially and economically underdeveloped community of Malappuram was conceived by the Makdoom family of Ponnani. Since 1985, on behalf the MIC we do take up sacred responsibility of serving the community under the blissful rector ship of jb. Panakkad Mohammadali Shihab Thangal the fountain head of support for all such endeavors.

The epous MIC Orphanage has now flourished into an expensive chain of institution providing shelter and all round support for hundreds of yatheems in and out of Malabar.


Lustrous landscape; Lush mindscapes


Our campus conducive for academic purposes in the lush and peaceful 5 acres on the National Highway 213. 12 KMs from Malappuram and 35 to Calicut. There in tune with the wobbing palms we have built a spacious three storied complex with 60 classrooms 6 faculty rooms 1 library hall and 1 auditorium. The total carpet area is 20000 sqft. At present more than 3000 students are pursuing their studies at the MIC and we are proud that half of them are girls. We have a good hostel to accommodate students day and night and have 12 vehicles for the transportation of day scholars.

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